Introducing SolBase as the solution

Despite the various advantages DEXs have over CEXs, it is still lacking features that make it as user-friendly and effective. With the goal of simplifying the process of trading on DEXs, the team at SolBase is working on developing a platform that will provide traders with the necessary tools and resources to succeed. SolBase is realized through the following ecosystem:

SolBase's intuitive interface not only offers a diverse range of trading options and comprehensive tracking tools but also incorporates AI technology to provide users with intelligent insights and optimized trading strategies, ensuring a seamless and empowering decentralized trading experience.

A utility token used in the platform, with a staking system for long and short term holders. With the SOLB token, users can get discount for the in-dashboard fees.

SolBase is here to to unleash the full potential of DEX trading and will facilitate further migration of users from CEXs to DEXs. SolBase makes DEX trading accessible for the bigger crowd by decentralizing the effectiveness and simplicity of CEXs. Both the platform and token are elaborated further on in the whitepaper.

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